Orienteer Issue 2

Orienteer Issue 2

Orienteer is a non conventional magazine directed by photographer Rory Griffin & stylist Jack West. With a mutual love for the outdoors and technical garments the pair refined their interests and thus the magazine was born. Orienteer’s presentation naturally takes the form of an OS or A-Z map that has a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for everything outdoors. Quite boldly the London based creatives have centred themselves within a part of the ever growing outdoor enthusiast community with a new perspective on outdoor fashion that they hope makes going outdoors feel more accessible and in hand fun for everyone. 


The second issue features a range of independent & established outdoor brands . We are highlighting up and coming designers and creatives, giving them a platform to show their talent and to be seen alongside other known brands. With the constantly growing outdoor community Orienteer aims to create engaging content highlighting the inclusion of outdoor fashion and lifestyle in today’s climate. 


  • Included within Issue two you’ll find exclusive interviews and content from Sturla, Eden Power Corp and We Go Outside Too along with editorials including brands such as BERGHAUS, ROA, NANAMICA, HAWKWOOD MERCANTILE and more!

  • The Mapazine features a topographic map poster on the back of the fold out.

  • The Mapazine is now up for Pre-order in limited quantities and will be shipped as soon as they land and are carefully hand folded. 

  •  20 % of all sales of issue 2 will be donated to ‘FARESHAREUK’ 8.4 million people across the UK are struggling to afford to eat, FARESHARE helps fight against this by distributing in-date surplus food to charities across the UK  who then make it into meals.


Mapazine Designed by Milan Miladinov


Cover Credits:

Model Ola wears Roa footwear

Photographer Joel Smedley

Stylist Jack West

Art Direction Rory Griffin


Special thanks to all contributors: Alk Phenix, This Is Never That, Berghaus, Holly Rae Jones, Saoirse Rose, Madeleine Feeney, Lorena Lorenco, Aidan McCormack, We Go Outside Too, Eden Power Corp, Mathieu Fortin, Ashley Diablo, Rachel @ System, Dustin Fage, Ali George Hinkins, Joel Smedley, Ola J Adeyemi, Charlie Constantinou, Hawkwood Mercantile, Syrettroper Studio, Roa Hiking, Sturla, Emma Williams, Arun Rose, Theo @ Contact, CJ @ Contact, Maz Smith, Copperfield, Nike Server